Policies - King Conversions
The KING of 6 Meter Amplifiers
Shipping & Handling Policies

Everyone enjoys saving money! On the occasions I may not have stock amplifiers to provide. You
may decide to locate an amplifier and have it sent to me to be worked on. You might buy one on
EBAY or on a swap board or an on air net. You may then have the amp shipped directly to me from
the seller. This is a great money saver to avoid an additional shipment charge! Here are some for the
drawbacks and considerations to using this method.  
1.The item may not be “as advertised” and I would have no way of knowing that.
2.You may pay for the item and shipping from the seller and I may never get it.
3.The item may be poorly packaged and it may come damaged
4.I may not get around to opening or working on your item right away.
5.When I do get around to your item to be worked on, I may discover at that time the item is
inoperable or may have electronic damage you were not told about.
6. Consider any other caveat that may be undesirable that is beyond my control.

That said, I will not be responsible in any way for items that come damaged, or are in a condition that
you may not have been expecting. Believe me in the many of years that I have been buying amps to
supply as conversions, there has been numerous times I have been bilked with down right lies about
equipment condition and operation quality! It will ALWAYS be my assumption that you have qualified
your seller, qualified the item you are buying, and made provisions with your seller should the item be
anything but what you have expected. I will not be in the middle of you and the seller. I am only here
to provide the service you will be paying me to do and in most cases it will be only to work on your
item.  Again, I will not be responsible for any ill effects of your transaction with another party. My only
contact will be with you. In a damage claim, you are the owner of the item not me. You will have to
handle all the paper work and deal with whomever is required. I will however make the item available
to the shipping company to pick up in a claim you file. If for some reason the seller wants the item
back, I will need upfront payment for return shipping.

Please, consider any and all situations beyond my control and realize that I will not be responsible. I
will help in any way I can but there are limits. Many of you have used this method of getting
equipment to me to save some money and in most cases everything works well. I have however had
some problems with shipping damage and item misconceptions of condition and quality. Once again,
I will not be in the middle of these situations. This is probably a good time to mention that my
assumption of a delivered piece of gear is that it is in “functional” condition and I only need to do
what I am being paid to do. Any other problems with a piece of equipment outside the realm of what I
intend to do to it will be brought to your attention and an additional charge for any repairs will be

Once you make the decision to have equipment shipped to me from another party or yourself, I
assume you have already agreed to these terms.

Return Shipping Policies  

The law states that when the belongings of a person is in the care of another person “reasonable
care” MUST be exercised while that belonging is in the possession of another person. You have my
utmost assurance that when your item is in my possession it will be treated with the care and the
respect that it deserves! Then, when your item is going to be returned, it will be packed with
reasonable care as to withstand the reasonable care of another caregiver, (the return carrier). Your
item will be marked “FRAGILE” or “THIS SIDE UP” or “DO NOT DROP”. Every attempt will be made to
indicate to the shipper as to the handling of your item. Over the MANY years I have been shipping,
my packages have been delivered unharmed a huge percentage of the times. There have been
cases however of gross mishandling of packages.That’s life. There is NO doubt in my mind that if all
the caregivers to your item abide by the law of “reasonable care”, there will be no problems. If the
carrier drops, throws, kicks, or in any way violates the laws of “reasonable care” your package and
item may be damaged. The laws of logical deduction indicate that if reasonable care is taken in the
preparation of the shipping of your package, and the reasonable care is taken by the shipper, your
package will not be damaged.  Likewise, if it is, then the law has been violated by the carrier. You
item will always be insured for any damage however I can not be held responsible if the shipper
mishandles your package and does not pay a claim. Though I have been shipping for years, I have
concluded that no carrier is the best but that there are lesser of the evils. We all know no one is
perfect and therefore there will be the occasions of some likely problems. I strive to do my part but
unfortunately I do not have the power over others. Thank you.