King Conversions
The KING of 6 Meter Amplifiers
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long has KING CONVERSIONS been converting HF amplifiers to 6 meters?
A. We have been actively converting HF amplifiers to 6 meters for about 15 years, and that
translates into HUNDREDS of conversions.

Q. Is there any advantage to a converted amplifier over a commercially prepared 6 meter
amp by the BIG companies?
A. There are not too many commercially available 6 meter amps, but there are a few.  Most of
them carry a price tag of 2 to 3 times a converted unit if bought new.
On a technical basis a converted SB-220 will out perform the commercial units using a
3CX800 tube.

Q. Is there any advantage to buying a KING CONVERSIONS amplifier “ready to go” as
opposed to having a unit sent in for conversion?
A. Yes, you may supply an amplifier for conversion, but in some cases when customers buy
units on EBAY or elsewhere and have them sent direct for conversion, there is no
guarantee that the amp is in 100% operating condition with full output tubes.  When bought
from our stock, all amps are checked for proper operation and are provided with full output

Q.  What if I send an amp in for conversion and it needs repair work?
A.  We can make most repairs on popular amplifiers, but there is an additional charge for
parts and labor above the conversion fee.

Q.  Any guarantee of any kind offered?
A. Yes, All work performed which is related to the conversion of the amplifier is guaranteed.  
The basic amplifier itself  is guaranteed to perform as  stated upon arrival.  Untimely failure
of any part of the amplifier NOT related to the conversion is not covered.  

Q. Once I buy an amplifier or have one converted by KING CONVERSIONS, what kind of
technical support can I expect?
A.  All KING CONVERSIONS customers get free technical support, you may e-mail questions
about your amplifier at any time.  Most problems can be solved for the asking, and parts can
be sent out with instructions for home repairs.  Since we do not offer any kits of any kind and
since “homebrew” conversions are not exactly as KING CONVERSIONS techniques, technical
support is not offered.